I noted a few weeks ago that Mia Farrow and her son Ronan, in their capacity as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, had accused Steven Spielberg in a 3.28.07 Wall Street Journal editorial of aiding and abetting the genocide in Darfur by cuddling up to the Darfur- coddling Beijing government in his capacity as a 2008 Beijing Olympics pageant consultant.

“Is Mr. Spielberg aware that China is bankrolling Darfur’s genocide?,” Farrow wrote. “Does [he] really want to go down in history as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Beijing Games?” Spielberg obviously read the editorial because four days later, according to this N.Y. Times story by Helene Cooper, sent a letter to President Hu Jintao of China, “condemning the killings in Darfur and asking the Chinese government to use its influence in the region to bring an end to the human suffering there.”

Not long after a senior Chinese official, Zhai Jun, “traveled to Sudan to push the Sudanese government to accept a United Nations peacekeeping force,” Cooepr reports. “Zhai even went all the way to Darfur and toured three refugee camps, a rare event for a high-ranking official from China, which has extensive business and oil ties to Sudan and generally avoids telling other countries how to conduct their internal affairs.”

Here’s a chance for the bully-boy right-wing readers of this column to trash Farrow for her Hollywood-elitist liberal humanitarian sentiments, or something along those lines. C’mon, guys….the podium is yours.