For nearly three decades I’ve felt dazzled by the main title sequences in David Fincher films. The awesomely jittery Se7en credits, the black-ink-flooding-a-keyboard sequence from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the cool and slick-feeling Zodiac and Social Network credits…always with a pizazzy, ahead-of-the-curve quality.

Same deal with The Killer‘s high-velocity credit sequence. The names and credits appear with a weird angle and fly by so quickly they barely have time to register. They happen so fast you’re going “wait…what?”, and then it’s off to the races. And it’s great.

I tried to snag a copy of this sequence over the weekend but failed. It’ll be viewable when The Killer starts streaming on 11.10, of course, but if you catch it in theatres try and pay close attention. It may be my second-favorite Fincher credit sequence of all time. (Sorry but the schizophrenic Se7en credit sequence, assembled by R. Greenberg & Associates, is still in first place.)