Last Friday David Poland posted a piece about five major irritants in Stars Wars: The Force Awakens — 1. The Giant Supreme Leader Snoke; 2. Fake-out deaths; 3. Anyone can use a light saber; 4. Those Kylo Ren destruction tantrums; and 5. Why does Kylo Ren have the mask? For me the lightsaber complaint strikes closest to home. Me: “This film is also big on people with no experience being naturals at the tasks that they are suddenly thrust into. Remember how Luke took pretty much all three episodes to mature into Jedi-dom? Forget that. Apprenticeships are for suckers in this new universe.” Friend: “Luke was training to be a Jedi master — Rey is not. The force is in her already because, as you probably figured out, she’s [spoiler redacted]. You know, passed down trait?” Me: “Not buying that.” Friend: “Well it doesn’t matter if you buy it or not — that’s the story as written.” Me: “Luke has to learn about the force, acquire his powers stage by stage. Rey just jumps right in. C’mon!”