A friend saw J.C. Chandor‘s Triple Frontier (Netflix, 3.6) last night. First HE question: “Ben Affleck looks almost as fat as Harvey Weinstein in the trailer. Does he look this tubby all through the film or…?” Answer: “This is the biggest I’ve ever seen him.”

2nd HE question: “So how is it?” Answer: “Well, it’s pretty good. I was okay with it. The first two acts really deliver. The photography is excellent.”

3rd HE question: “I’ve heard it’s a little bit in debt to Treasure of the Sierra Madre in that greed gets the better of the main characters.” Answer: “Yeah, that’s an element.”

4th HE question: “I’m presuming not everyone makes it out alive.” Answer: “Uh-huh.”

5th HE question: “I’m presuming Affleck dies and maybe Oscar Isaac also. Those two anyway. Because they divert from the plan and try to steal too much.” Answer: “You know how this works.”

Hollywood Elsewhere will be catching Triple Frontier tomorrow (Sunday) evening.