I heard this morning about the massive heart attack that poor Andy Jones, the colorful journalist, E! columnist and Film Stew contributor, suffered last night at Hollywood’s Arclight plex during a press screening of A Mighty Heart. (Not funny, don’t go there). And I spent three fruitless hours this morning trying and failing to get a reliable read on his condition — people either didn’t pick up or they dummied up or they didn’t know anything.

Andy Jones

There’s no solid confirmation of anything, but L.A. Fish Bowl reported at 11:50 am that Jones has passed away.
I knew Andy fairly well and liked him alot for his ireverent humor and his bluntness. I’m obviously sorry and saddened if this is true. But anyone who really knows something should bite the bullet, step to the plate and say what happened. (David Poland wrote at 12:50-something that Jones has indeed died.)
A Paramount Vantage spokesperson confirmed that the tragedy happened during the Mighty Heart screening, and a manager at the Arclight told me that Jones had been taken away in an ambulance, but he wouldn’t say any more over “privacy” issues. I called the cops, a couple of ambulance services, three hospitals, Film Stew‘s Sperling Reich, Ted Casablanca at E!, Joey Berlin at the BFCA…and nothing came of any of it.
I called Andy’s home and all I heard was this message, which was apparently recorded as a favor to Jones by voiceover legend Don LaFontaine.
I could mention some stuff I know about Andy’s work history and personal issues, particularly some things I was told this morning by a colleague who knew Andy fairly well. But I don’t want to do a Bob Clark again. I just hope that somebody confirms or denies what Fishbowl is reporting. I’m presuming the worst but it’s obviously better to stick to known facts.