In a 2.15 interview with Moviefone‘s Sharon Knolle, Unknown star January Jones is asked about her role in Matthew Vaughn‘s X Men: First Class (20th Century Fox, 6.3), a prequel which is set in 1962.

“But it’s so, so different,” Jones explains. “I didn’t ever feel like I was in the ’60s, except every once in a while when someone would say ‘groovy.’ Which I’m not even sure is historically correct for 1962!” Check. “That might be more late ’60s,” Knolle remarks. “We took some liberties,” Jones says.

Why make a “period” film if you’re not really gonna do “period”? Because you’re figuring the under-30 audience won’t know the difference and possibly because you’re a wee bit clueless? Between Jones’ comment and the ’80s-era aircraft glimpsed in the X-Men: First Class teaser, I’m persuaded that X-Men: First Class will be a further diminishment of a once-respectable brand.

That’s it for Vaughn in my book. I thought he might be someone to watch after Layer Cake, but he’s chosen to be a sloppy fantasist. His last offense was that ridiculous fight sequence at the end of Kick Ass when Chloe Moretz‘s Hit-Girl decked all those 250-pound bad guys. Over and out.