February is usually a crap month, but some decent attractions are being offered over the next few weeks. It’s worth visiting Factory Girl on February 2nd, certainly for Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce‘s performances as Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol. (Even Hayden Christensen, playing a close approximation of Bob Dylan, is pretty decent.) If you live in a big town, The Lives of Others, a masterful, deeply moving drama, is the one to catch on 2.9. Billy Ray‘s Breach is apparently the one to see on 2.16; two above-average French films, Days of Glory and Avenue Montaigne, are also worth visiting; Craig Brewer ‘s Black Snake Moan, a pulpy Southern-fried redemption drama, is the only 2.23 release I’ve seen — it played much better than expected at Sundance. That’s six films — a good month for DVDs