“I’ve had just about enough of the patronizing bullshit of Kris Tapley,” writes And The Winner columnist Scott Feinberg. The fight began with Feinberg’s responding to my quickie Milk reaction post last night, which led to Tapley bitch-slapping Feinberg over something he wrote and then it was off the races. I’m just passing this along, okay? I’m not in this.

“Incidentally, who the hell is [Tapley]?,” writes Feinberg. “We’re about the same age, we both started covering the Oscars in the same place, we’ve been doing this for roughly the same length of time, and — acknowledging something that he won’t — we both know our stuff, which is why we’ve both had opportunities to contribute to the websites of mainstream outlets. The difference is that Kris has lost perspective and actually believes he’s a big-shot now, and that everyone else is merely a pee-on whose opinion is less worthy than his own.

“Kris didn’t like that this web site was generating attention on other Oscar sites, and he particularly didn’t like that I periodically e-mailed the Oscar other bloggers links to interesting pieces/or scoops of mine (just like they did to me), so he removed a link to my site from his blogroll. Eventually, he restored a link to AndTheWinnerIs, but he has never linked to The Feinberg Files, even though I linked to both InContention and Red Carpet District (R.I.P.). But, hey, it’s his right.

“What’s really perplexed me is what I ever did to Kris that led him to completely blacklist my name or anything to do with me from his site — except to snidely note, as one of his news-recap items the week I was hired to do a new blog, that “The Los Angeles Times has hired an east coast outsider and called it awards coverage. Well, we wish him well.’

“Look, Kris obviously has a problem with me, although we’ve never met and I’ve never done anything to him. I’ve kept this between Kris and me until now, but his complete eruption over a two-sentence harmless observation that I shared on Jeff Wells’ site is absurd and rather pathetic. It makes me wonder if we’re dealing with a Captain Queeg type of personality here… maybe Dan White is more fitting. (Kidding.)

“But you’ve gotta admit that it takes some chutzpah for Kris, of all people, to be this condescending to anyone.”