IFC Films has picked up …So Goes the Nation, a doc by James Stern and Adam Del Deo about the key battleground state of Ohio during the ’04 Presidential campaign. Any examination of Ohio ’04, of course, means an examination of the long-standing charge that George Bush‘s stooges stole the election by suppressing liberal democratic voters through various underhanded means. This story has been reported and explored quite a lot over the last couple of years, and the response from the right has consistently been “get over it.” …So Goes The Nation is being touted as an even-handed look at what happened, but “even handed” is a code term that sometimes means “bending over backwards to accomodate the bad guys’ point of view.” (Sorry to be judgmental and all, but if you conspire to steal an election, that kinda makes you a “bad guy.” ) A release says that tthe doc “looks at the election and the voting public through lenses large and small, and in doing so, examines both the U.S. voting process and the American national psyche.” The public Toronto Film Festival screenings aren’t until Thursday, 9.14, and Friday, 9.15.