In a thread about Terrence Malick‘s forthcoming Voyage of Time and more particularly the dismissive comments that have greeted the trailer, HE reader Spicerpalooza said, “I just can’t wrap my head around dismissing something that looks this staggeringly beautiful. This is the kind of thing only the cinema can create, and with the biggest possible screen.”

Wells response, posted this morning: “I’m not ‘dismissing’ it. I’ll be catching the Brad Pitt-narrated IMAX version and it might be really trippy and levitational. It probably is that in portions, at least to some extent, at least for stoners. I’m just saying it won’t matter, that Malick doesn’t matter. If you throw a Malick stone into a pond, the impact will create subtle little ripples, of course…but few will notice or care. Because no one’s looking at the pond in the first place. Malick’s tossed-salad way of composing movies and regarding things from a passive-cosmic perspective has as much connection to the culture of 2016 as the social views of Art Linklater or the golf swing of Bing Crosby.”