Step Up (Disney), Friday’s #1 film, dropped 20% on Saturday so Talladega Nights (Columbia) rushed in like a fool and took the #1 slot with $22,404,000. That’s a 52% drop from last weekend due to high-octane word-of-mouth.
Step Up could’ve been the champ but its teenage-girl supporters got most of their rocks off Friday when it made $8,499,000. The take dropped on Saturday to $6,834,000 and so the film will wind up with something close to $20,007,000 as of Sunday evening.
World Trade Center was being projected yesterday to end up with about $25,700,000 for its first five days (it opened on Wednesday, 8.9) but it did a little better on Saturday than expected — $18,274,000 for the three-day weekend — so the five-day cume is now $26,075,000. Not bad, but not exactly cause for popping open bottles of Dom Perignon.
The fourth-place Barnyard will end up with a weekend tally of $10.082,000. Pulse (#5) will finish with about $8,200,000, Pirates (#6) with $7.367,000, Miami Vice (#7) with $4,547,000, Zoom (#8) with $4,477,000, The Descent (#9) with $4,452,000 and Monster House (#10) with $3,444,000.