Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s long-expected decision to resign may have been delayed due to uncertainty about where he would bunk as a civilian. He has no residence outside of the Albany governor’s mansion on Eagle Street. An 8.7 N.Y. Post story suggests the most likely scenario has the soon-to-be ex-governor crashing at the Hampton’s home of his younger brother Chris Cuomo, the CNN star.

What Governor Cuomo did with those 11 women was creepy — he creeped them out. Is being oppressively handsy and “familiar” with a woman without her consent a prosecutable crime? Maybe. Either way Cuomo will now have to lay low for a couple of years while working in some sort of private capacity. Then he can gradually work his way back into things in ’23 or thereabouts, maybe ’24.

Posted around 10 am Pacific by N.Y. Times‘ Katie Glueck:

“For years Andrew M. Cuomo amassed power ruthlessly and effectively, crushing his opponents — real or perceived — using any extraordinary means he deemed necessary.

“But one week after a report released by the New York Attorney General’s office said that Mr. Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women, the man who had controlled Albany politics with an iron fist for more than a decade was out of moves.

Politically ostracized, facing criminal investigations and the prospect of impeachment, and with his family’s legacy at stake, Mr. Cuomo’s decision to resign on Tuesday completed one of the most stunning falls in modern American politics, marking the end of a political dynasty and the beginning of a chaotic and uncertain new chapter of governing in New York.