From Variety‘s Kris Tapley:

Incidentally, Tapley has blocked me from not only following him but even reading his tweets. What a ninny! A supercilious, hoodie-wearing ant! Google provides twitter summaries, but I’m also asking friends to please capture and pass along anything he tweets of special interest. Cowards can run but they can’t hide. Not from me, they can’t.

The recent Tapley block-off (i.e., unable to read his tweets) might have been prompted by this riff about Tapley that appeared in an HE piece called “Personality Shifts“:

“We all turn it on when we interview talented hotshots, but male interviewers really turn it on when the hotshots are brilliant, attractive ladies. The Tapley in this discussion — warm, chuckly, gentle-voiced — is way different from the guy I occasionally run into at industry parties. That Tapley is downbeat, a bit sullen, rarely a smile and sometimes a vibe that indicates he’d rather be elsewhere.”

Scott Feinberg complained about Tapley’s big-shot attitude nine years ago:

Feinberg vs. Tapley…Feud!