Here’s Marketwatch columnist Jon Friedman ‘s interview with L.A. Weekly columnist-blogger Nikki Finke, which ran yesterday (6.28). I don’t know Nikki but I’ve dealt with her from time to time (yeesh), and it didn’t surprise me to read that she’s lost it over a quote from Gawker co-editor Jesse Oxfeld that Friedman included in his piece. Oxfeld said that Finke is “at least a bit crazy — and you can never quite figure out if it’s good crazy or bad crazy. She’s a great reporter and a fun writer, and God knows I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.” Obviously what he meant was that she’s eccentric, spirited…inclined to go on a rip every so often over something she strongly feels or believes. The best people in this industry are all a bit “nuts”. The fact that there aren’t enough Hollywood nutters — i.e., people who lay it on the line and worry about measuring or modifying their views after they’ve said or written them — and the town is full of cowards who tip-toe around any and all declarative statements is obviously what’s wrong with it. Finke being Finke, she’ll probably take this comment as a slam also…but that goes with the territory and there’s no stopping her.