Joe Biden seemed to mutter or mush up his administration’s black landmarks and identities today in Philadelphia…”first Vice-President, first black woman, served with black president…first black woman on the Supreme Court”…drooling into his soup in the cafeteria.

Kamala isn’t really “black”…she’s primarily of Indian descent (her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a Tamil Indian biologist0 with an Afro-Jamaican dad, Donald J. Harris, of Irish-Jamaican ancestry.

HE favorite: This is “ninetuss states Americuh,” Joe said.

Friendo: “That Stephanopoulos interview is going to be must-see TV.”
HE: “It’s not going to air live — it’s taped. Segmented. Not the real, raw thing.”
Friendo: “You think they’ll edit the interview to make Biden look coherent or will they show Americans the true state of his cognitive decline?”
HE: “It’s up to question. The fact that Stephanopoulos agreed to a taped version says something, I think.”

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