Tony Gilroy‘s Duplicity “is a breathlessly enjoyable mind-game, the kind of movie that uses romantic comedy as both leavening and misdirection from its true intent, even as it revels in the heated interaction between its two leads,” critic Marshall Fine posted this morning.

“Built like a devilish puzzle – with emotional variables that alternately underline and undermine the logic of the solution – Duplicity is giddy fun, something that’s been in short supply at the movies. While there have been other jigsaw movies that keep your brain racing as you attempt to connect the disparate pieces, movies that played with time-structure such as Go and 21 Grams, there aren’t many that have the same fizzy titillation that Duplicity does.

“It’s all in the title, isn’t it? Keep it in mind as Gilroy works his cinematic sleight of hand.”