Salon‘s Daniel D’Addario has posted a concise impression of the mania of Oscar season and a few of the issues raging around. He spoke to myself, Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and The Film Experience‘s Nathaniel Rogers. I sure as hell have never claimed to be any kind of Nate Silver when it comes to predictions. I just go with what feels right to me, and sometimes the crowd agrees, etc. But the name “Nate Silver” is so widely respected these days that it’s flattering to be quoted/included.

HE quote #1: “Most people are not that thrilled with what happens at the Oscars, but they like the argument [that leads up to the climax]. That’s the fun part. The blood is up. That’s what makes it fun. Then everybody goes to sleep [on] March 1st.” #2: “The constrictions that used to be put on trade reporters for the two main trades were that they had to be reportorial, dispassionate; what’s liberating is our personal voices.” #3: “The idea that a film [like Zero Dark Thirty] can’t be ambiguous — that’s as disgusting an idea as any I’ve heard in my life. It’s one of the lowest attack campaigns I’ve ever seen.”