Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn has posted an amused and even semi-admiring response to Paul Thomas Anderson‘s diss of American Airlines at the Spirit Awards: “When Anderson accepted the Robert Altman Prize for Inherent Vice, his crack about sponsor American Airlines (‘Don’t fly American Airlines…they will fucking lose your luggage’) was the truest moment of the day. Thanks to PTA, the event offered a fleeting glimpse of the prankish, anti-authoritarian mentality that allows certain filmmakers to challenge the restrictions of the marketplace. In an ideal world, the Spirits would follow suit.”

During today’s Bart/Fleming discussion on Deadline, Mike Fleming offered the following: “I want to offer a special shout out to Paul Thomas Anderson for Biggest Dick Move. While accepting an award with the cast of Inherent Vice, he pointedly told people to boycott Spirit Awards-sponsor American Airlines [because] they lost his luggage. Here is a revered filmmaker who has clearly crossed from struggling artist to pampered self-absorbed auteur. I heard [that] the American Airlines people on the premises were appalled. Spirits organizers scrambled for a way to take the sting out of the insult, and finally Foxcatcher‘s Bennett Miller read a sheepish PTA apology where he said it was United that lost his luggage. A Narcissus moment for the great PTA!”