The first locale in this recently posted trailer for Tony Gilroy‘s Duplicity (Universal, 3.20.09) is the Pantheon in Rome, rendered in that familiar bleachy-hazy late afternoon light. A good place to be, sit, hang, reflect, etc. I was too lazy to read the script but now, queer as I am for this tourist haven, I really like this movie. Even if most of it takes place stateside. What am I saying? Nothing. Post-Thanksgiving Day crazies.

There’s just one problem with this opening scene — Julia Roberts wearing shades. A major character wearing shades in a corporate espionage movie…I don’t know. And I don’t like that smug “I’ve got a secret but I’m not sure you can figure it out” cat-that-ate-the-canary look that she wears. But I can get past this. It’s okay. Especially with Paul GIamatti, Tom Wilkinson and Tom McCarthy on board.

If this is a corporate The Hot Rock, cool. But God protect us if it’s any kind of Robert Ludlum-with-a-smirk type deal. It can’t be. Gilroy is too sly and aware of cliche potholes to let this happen. Right?