Jeff LeedsN.Y. Times piece is about James Cameron and Jimmy Iovine having “formed a venture that will produce concerts and films in 3-D,” fine.

But the headline — “A Comeback in 3-D, but Without Those Flimsy Glasses” — is bit confusing since there’s no mention of the 3-D process that Cameron and Iovine are working with being viewable without 3-D glasses. There’s a sentence in the piece that says that the Cameron-Iovine glasses “now resemble standard sunglasses, and musicians may be able to make their own designs.”

Oh, I get it — the new glasses are no longer “flimsy”. What, like they were in the early to mid ’50s? The glasses I wore to watch the IMAX 3-D portions of Superman Returns weren’t in the least bit flimsy; they were made of rugged, fairly thick plastic and felt almost like ski goggles. How old is the Times editor who thought up that headline?