“I prefer to watch shitty movies so I can feel good about myself. There is nothing better than sitting in bed and enjoying a shitty comedy. I laugh at the bad jokes and I smile as I convince myself, as I often need to, that my work doesn’t suck as bad as what I am watching. It gives me the confidence to make movies. I call them movies to have the flu by — movies that are great if you need to kill time while sitting in bed with the flu.” — a quote attributed to powerhouse comedy producer (and leading advocate of the exposed-penis galumph aesthetic among male actors) –Judd Apatow.
I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but you can also read history books when you’re sick. Or watch old Jean Renoir or Robert Bresson or Nicholas Ray movies. You know…nutritional stuff. Given, you know, the fact that you’ll be dead someday, and maybe sooner than you think. As Chris Farley realized one day with a start.