I understand and accept that the HE community, obviously including but in another sense above and beyond the comment-thread regulars, is here for…what, the history and the voice and the pizazzy atttiude and…what else, the derision? I realize that attention spans are shorter than ever. I’m just as moody and scattered and “otherwise engaged” as the next guy…I get it. But I’m asking again for loose change for my son’s Kickstarter campaign for Domino.fm, and this time I really mean it, dammit. This isn’t late 2008 or ’09 or ’10 — there’s a degree of comfort out there now. HE is obviously free and that’s the way I like it, but anyone who’s been visiting and having fun over the past decade (or 16 years if you count the previous incarnations) is hereby requested to sprinkle a little sugar. $10 or $20…whatever works.

Jett needs $21K, and every drop in the bucket helps. No worries if you’re disinclined, but….well, you know. The campaign is 25% there but it needs a second-gear push. The twin ads on the side take you to the page, but here’s the link anyway.

Domino.fm, A Music-Blog App That Enhances and Expands Spotify Realm, Is On Kickstarter Fund-Hunt

Remember that Persian rug that “really tied the room together” in The Big Lebowski? Well, Domino.fm really ties the world of online music together. No single music service — Spotify, Soundcloud, Vevo, YouTube, Bandcamp — supplies all the music and the service (reviews, related links, histories…the whole linked-up universe of each and every band you miht want to listen to) in one unified package, but Domino.fm — a new music app — does just that.

Domino.fm adds to currently-available Spotify profiles, playlists and syncing tracks with sounds and info available on Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. Much like Flipboard, Domino.fm blends great online content in an easy, well-organized way to catalog, follow and process news. It also provides track premieres, album pre-stream exclusives, reviews, interviews, editorials and more.

Inspired by an early early appreciation for The Hype Machine, Domino.fm founder Jett Wells sought to incorporate Spotify’s deep catalog so fans could engage with new tracks and then delve into their discography along with other web intrigues. Domino.fm‘s artist and music-blog info will feature built-out profiles for fans and readers to keep track of new releases plus reviews, interviews and tour information.

Domino.fm is not just about “here’s a track, listen to it.” It’s about “here’s a track but here’s all of this other stuff going around it…tours, new photos, reviews.”

There’s no way Spotify can provide all of the the context that music blogs can provide, and you often or usually can’t listen to the tracks that music blogs write about. Curation is the key to music discovery, of course, but it has to be experienced and newsworthy. Hence Domino.fm!