Noting that Ryan Murphy‘s Eat Pray Love is based on the chick-lit memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, Awards Daily‘s Ryan Adams advised yesterday that “it doesn’t make you a girl if you think it looks charming as hell.” Well, it actually kinda does. If you’re panting to see this you’re female, a travel nut (like myself) or a guy who relates to female perspectives in this or that way.

I’ll be seeing Eat, Pray, Love for the exquisite scenery and the back-up performances (from James Franco, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup, Richard Jenkins and Javier Bardem). But few real men will pay to see it on their own — let’s be honest.

Plus I wonder why it’s opening on 8.13. I suppose it dates me to say that a mid-August opening feels like a little bit of an “uh-oh.” But it’s not. I should wake up and get with the new thinking about August. What is that, by the way? In the ’90s mid-to-late August was seen as a dumping ground, and opening a major film on 8.13 or 8.20 was like throwing in the towel. It was like saying “we’re dead and we know it.” No longer!