Two award-season signifiers are making my blood run cold and unleashing Beetlejuice shrieking. I’m left with no choice but to drop to my knees and beseech all HE readers with a semblance of spine and aesthetic perspective to stand tall and firm against the apparently genuine possibility that Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert‘s Everything Everywhere All At Once might win the Best Picture Oscar.

I’m totally okay with either Avatar 2: The War of Water (which I won’t even see for another couple of days) or Top Gun: Maverick taking the top prize, but the idea of EEAAO winning…the symbolism of such an event would be devastating….my soul would be crushed flat.

I know I shouldn’t allow myself to get all wound up about such a possibility…it would mean that the wrong people are running the circus…that Millennial standards have more or less taken over…I know that many people out there despise EEAAO, but if a win were to happen there would be a great shattering cry heard across the land…oh, the A24 of it all!

Between THR‘s Scott Feinberg putting EEAAO at the top of his Best Picture spitball roster plus this infuriating A24 release corralling 14 nominations from the Critics Choice org…this is really and truly a bad, bad thing…really. And it’s almost totally a generational split. Only Millennials and Zoomers like EEAAO, and the only way to address this situation is to assess the generational chasm…

If this isn’t the basis for a serious Academy war, I don’t know what could or would be…GenX and Boomers standing hard and resolute against Millennials and Zoomers…a standoff between voters of minimal taste and admirers of one of the most infuriating films to flirt with Best Picture contention in Academy history….words fail.

What percentage of Academy voters are male and over 50? Because that’s the demographic that will absolutely not vote for EEAAO. They hate this fucking film and, speaking from experience, went through the pains of hell trying to watch it. Only Millennials and Zoomers like it. What does the HE commentariat think? What’s the conversation?