“For more than 30 days between 10.16.02, when [indicted-accused wiretapper-of-the-stars] Anthony Pellicano was told by his then-lawyer that he was a walking bulls-eye in the FBI investigation of the threats against Los Angeles Times reporter Anita Busch, and 11.21.02, when the FBI served a search warrant at Pellicano’s West Hollywood office and walked off with grenades, C-4 explosives, 11 computers, 24 external hard drives, a cache of zip disks, and a laminated card with computer user names and passwords on it, Pellicano sat on his butt.” — a graph from Ross Johnson‘s new SHAKEDOWN column on LA Indie. Contents include “a look at all the prosecutors who gathered scalps using Pellicano as an expert witness…a [debunking] of the great myth that a team of FBI experts spent years de-crypting Pellicano’s computers…(the first day the feds grabbed ’em, they probably got most of the user names and passwords)….Stephen Yagman, the civil rights attorney, calls Pellicano “a punk who left his Chicago punkdom.”…Pellicano’s former lawyer Victor Sherman calls Pellicano an “idiot..stupid…arrogant.” And a quote from journalist John Connolly, a Pellicano watcher since the early ’90s who’s co-written an upcoming Vanity Fair piece on the wiretapping scandal: “Pellicano was in MENSA? Blow me.”