I’m really hating the MSM’s refusal to discuss a plausible reason for White House Communications Director Hope Hicks having announced her resignation from the Trump White House earlier today. The only sensible-sounding theory was tweeted a while ago by Seth Abramson, which was taken from something he heard on MSNBC: “This is a classic ‘friends and family say get out now or go down with the ship‘ scenario.”

I would have theorized that on my own. Hicks is almost certainly leaving out of concern for what may happen down the road and to avoid any prosecutorial intrigues, or something in that vein.

A 29 year-old former model from Greenwich, Hicks is said to be a steady, reliable pro — very measured and low-key in her dealings with President Trump (she’s reportedly his longest serving aide, and is allegedly closer to him than daughter Ivanka) as well as fellow White House staffers, not to mention reporters, whom she apparently never talks to.

Is it horribly sexist to note that right-wingers like to hire hotties as staffers, and that Hicks fits that profile? She strikes me as being cut from the same cloth as Fawn Hall, the Oliver North secretary who testified from the Iran-Contra scandal. Are you telling me Hicks’ Barbie doll appearance wasn’t a factor in becoming a close Trump confidante, and that her having posed for bikini shots had nothing to do with anything?

Hicks had a sexual relationship with Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during 2015 and ’16, despite his having been married to his wife, Alison Hardy, at the time. After that Hicks began an intimate relationship with former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who had to leave his post after spousal abuse charges surfaced in the press.