For what it’s worth, I caught a shorts program at 3 pm yesterday and the best of the bunch was Natasha Schull‘s Buffet: All You Can Eat Las Vegas. (No — I didn’t forget to include the word “in” — that’s how the title reads.) Schull’s doc is about the morphing process — i.e., human beings devolving into pigs — that happens whenever upstanding middle-class people are presented with a well-stocked buffet. Buffet starts out in a deceptively bland, matter-of-fact way, then gradually becomes one of the most withering critiques of the Land of Gluttony I’ve ever sat through. I felt ashamed of myself, and sorry for the pigs who show up towards the end of the film. (A farm outside of Vegas feeds them the buffet leftovers.) I will never load up my plate with too much food again. From here on in….small portions!

Buffet director Natasha Schull.