I’ve been persuaded…actually, I wanted to be persuaded that Amir Bar-Lev‘s The Tillman Story will be a major film to see at Sundance 2010. Because I know what it’ll be going in — i.e., an exposing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal‘s failed bullshit spin and a slam at U.S. war policy in the Middle East. Mother’s milk to me.

Jon Krakauer‘s Where Men Win Glory was an exploration of the life and death of Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals safety and U.S. Army Ranger who suffered a friendly-fire death in Afghanistan in April 2004.

McChrystal’s roundabout admission last year that he fraudulently approved awarding Tillman a posthumous Silver Star as a result of enemy fire was heavily focused upon by Krakauer’s book and in a 10.14 Daily Beast article.