Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson posted earlier today about the return of New Yorker Films with the forthcoming release of Jannicke Systad Jacobsen‘s Turn Me On, Dammit!, a Norwegian teenage sex comedy which won the Best Screenplay Award when it played at last spring’s Tribeca Film Festival. But there’s a holiday hitch, I soon found out.

Seconds after reading Thompson’s piece I wrote marketing exec Reid Rosefelt, who’d urged her to write about Jacobsen’s film. “When can I see it in Los Angeles?,” I asked. “And where’s that Saul Bass-styled release poster that Anne mentioned?”

An L.A.-based publicist will be screening it, he said, but not for a while. He said he’d get back to me about sending a screener. “Everybody’s off work but me,” Rosefelt explained.

“And the Saul Bass-inspired poster isn’t finished yet,” he added. “But it should be soon and I’ll get it to you as soon as it is. I’ve been through many drafts with the illustrator I chose. I started out in the business as a graphic designer, and it is fun to be back to that.”

“Sounds good and looking forward,” I replied, “but if there are no LA screenings or screeners for now and not even poster art to post on the web, why did Thompson even write about it? It would help to be able to see this during the holidays, when I’m always going out of my mind with nothing to do.”

Rosefelt explained that he’d pitched a story on the return of New Yorker Films, and Thompson, being a good egg and an old friend, was willing to help at an early and busy time.

“‘Looking forward’…exactly,” he wrote. “It’s always a rough road for movies like this and I am looking to plant seeds. Maybe somebody will watch the clip, like it and then respond favorably when a screening invite comes later on. Happy New Year.”