A story posted late yesterday afternoon (9.24) by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Pamela McLintock says that Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street won’t be ready for a sneak screening at the upcoming New York Film Festival.” That’s the breakout news. Otherwise McLintock confirms what Kris Tapley‘s 9.23 In Contention piece suggested, which is that Wolf, currently clocking at 180 minutes, may not be ready for its scheduled 11.15 release and may not be a contender in this year’s Oscar race. So it’ll be a December release then? Again, for God’s sake…show respect for Scorsese and release the long version (three hours sounds great!) and let Wolf be its own sprawling unruly self, if that’s a fair term to apply. “Paramount and Scorsese are hoping that the movie, based on former broker Jordan Belfort‘s best-selling memoir, will be completed by Christmas in time for an awards run,” McLintock writes. “If not, Wolf would be pushed back to next year.” No!!!