I’m afraid that the notion of John Magaro receiving some Best Supporting Actor action for his performance as “Arthur”, the trusting but slightly dumbfounded husband of Greta Lee‘s “Nora” in Celine Song‘s Past Lives…I’m sorry but that’s a likely ixnay.

Oscar noms generally don’t go to short** bearded guys who play bright, sensitive sad sacks with floor-mop hair. Magaro is a smart, expressive actor, but Arthur is essentially passive and kinda wimpy. I never thought of him as someone I’d like to emulate.

Confronted with the fact that his playwright wife is still in love with her childhood sweetheart (“Hae Sung”, played by Teo Yoo) and that she seems to be pondering the idea of switching horses, Arthur’s basic thing is “ohh, gee…I might wind up getting dumped here…well, I guess I have no choice but to play it cool and low-key and show some understanding to my dear wife and basically say ‘well, honey, I understand what you’re feeling but I hope you don’t, like, leave me for this slightly taller Korean guy…uhm, you know, whatever.”

** Magaro is somewhere between 5’5″ and 5’7″ — that’s at least one inch shorter than Humphrey Bogart and possibly the same height as Alan Ladd.