Forget that whole Sundance Film Festival ’06 thing I posted in this section a few days ago, and in the main column last Saturday. I’ve now been persuaded that a good portion of the titles I mentioned won’t be at the festival, and that some weren’t even submitted (!). Five or six days ago a friend from the festival circuit sent me a document put together by Film Finders called “Tipped for Sundance,” and it had those 22 films listed. I went for it because (a) the Film Finders people are known to be fairly well connected on a business affairs level, (b) the document was passed along only a few days before the official announcements (the trades will be running the stories this week), (c) the document “looked” superficially reliable — it had production info history, sales contact info and phone numbers for each film — and (d) the combined reputations of Film Finders and the guy who sent me the document convinced me the information was probably jake. And for the most part, it wasn’t.