Late yesterday afternoon The Hollywood Reporter‘s Mattthew Belloni and Pamela McLintock reported that Manhattan’s Ziegfeld theatre — the glorious cinematic temple with the greatest sub-woofer bass speakers I’ve ever heard, where I had my socks blown off while watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Apocalypse Now in ’77 and ’79, respectively — is on the verge of shuttering because Cablevision, which operates the legendary theatre, is sick of the way the Ziegfeld loses money hand over fist. Cablevision CEO James Dolan was asked by THR if he plans to close it. “Yeah. Probably,” Dolan said. “It loses a lot of money. The theater business is a tough business.” But then Cablevision did a semi-180 and said that “the situation has changed and the Ziegfeld will remain open for the foreseeable future.” Bullshit — they just wanted the Reporter off their backs. You know they’ll dump it sooner or later. The Ziegfeld needs to be officially designated as an historical landmark, which will presumably make it easier for some corporate sugar daddy to step in and keep it running for old times’ sake. It’s a holy place. It’s like Notre Dame in Paris. Shuttering is not an option.