John Landis‘s Schlock (’73) is one of the funniest low-budget comedies I’ve ever seen, and I’ve only seen it once. Anchor Bay released it on DVD ten years ago. The 21 year-old Landis directed, wrote, produced and starred in the title role. Rick Baker did the makeup. It’s actually more than a genre spoof. It’s a combination of stoner humor and social satire in the vein of the old Ernie Kovacs show. The sequence below is a riff on an old Laurel & Hardy routine.

Here’s another bit when a kid on a baseball field, and another with a blind girl — both of them riffs on a famous scene in James Whale‘s Frankenstein (’31). I remember a mildly hilarious piano-playing sequence shot in The Old Place, a storied restaurant in the hills of Agoura, near Malibu.