L.A. Weekly‘s Scott Foundas has written partly about the trials of indie filmmaker Gary Walkow, whose late ’80s Grand Jury prize-winner The Trouble With Dick has been more or less remade as Crashing, Walkow’s “fourth independent feature and the first-ever sequel to a Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner,” Foundas notes.

Crashing director Gary Walkow; Park City’s main street around 1991

“Now, exactly 20 years after his first Park City premiere, Walkow is readying himself for another. Only when the curtain goes up on Crashing, it will be at Slamdance, the 13-year-old alterna-festival that offered Crashing a slot after Sundance gave it a pass.”
The piece is also partly about how the Sundance Film Festival of two decades ago “was a very different animal from the one now stalking the streets of Park City. As Walkow remembers it, ‘The hospitality suite for the festival was contained in the Moose Lodge, on the second floor of some building. They had a coffee urn and some rolls and stuff. It was that small. Saundra Saperstein, who was one of the festival publicists, also sold all the T-shirts and paraphernalia.
“‘When I came back in ’96 with Notes From Underground, it was completely different. Look, Main Street basically doubled in length. In how many cities does Main Street become twice as long in the course of 10 years?'”