Four early observations on Oliver Stone’s Alexander (Warner Bros., 11.24), which screened for junket press on Saturday, 11.6: (1) Val Kilmer steals the movie in the role of Phillip of Macedon, Alexander’s warrior father, which is good for Kilmer — this will counter-balance his playing the prophet Moses on stage in that bizarre Ten Commandments musical; (2) There’s a pronounced gay love element in the film — Colin Farrell’s Alexander and Jared Leto’s Hephaestion characters, both “very pretty” and said to be “madly in love with each other,” according to one viewer (one should quickly add that sexual closeness between male warriors in ancient Greece was a different equation than a generic gay relationship today); (3) This aspect may encounter resistance with red-state audiences, especially given the virulent red-state rejections of gay-marriage initiatives, plus the general homophobic current in Bubbaland; and (4) the strongest political echo isn’t in the gay behavior, but, in the view of one major critic, in the notion of “a leader from a priveleged family with a powerful father who goes off and conquers middle-eastern territories.”