Fox Home Video…bad. First they dropped the ball with that barely passable DVD of Alfred Hitchcok’s Lifeboat (it came out dirty, speckled and scratchy in the early portions), and then on 11.15.05 they issued an absolute dogshit-quality transfer of the magnificent Todd AO, 70 mm 30-frame-per-second version of Fred Zinneman’s Oklahoma! (1955), by transferring it at the wrong frame rate. (Or so I gather. I called Fox’s Shawn Belston to get the lowdown but I haven’t heard back.) Oklahoma! isn’t a near-great or even a pretty good movie, but the blue-chip Todd AO version of it (shot in 30 frame and on 70 mm stock) is clean and smooth and beautiful as the Oklahoma sky. (I saw it projected on a big screen in Los Angeles in the mid ’80s. Almost no frame flicker or pan blur!) And yet, appallingly, Fox Home Video’s new DVD rendition of this version is soft and fuzzy and basically crud-level. The Fox Home Video executive who refused to do the transfer correctly (I’m guessing he/she wanted to save money) should be canned, and Fox should offer rebates to everyone who paid for this two-disc set in the naive expectation that they would see a DVD facsimile of what the 30-frame version looked like on the big screen at the Rivoli theatre in 1956. (The second disc contains the standard 24-frame-per-second CinemaScope version of the film, which was shot separately and therefore contains slightly different versions of this and that scene.)