Lorenza Munoz‘s L.A. Times story about FoxFaith, a new division aimed at Christian moviegoers, says that this new division of Rupert Murdoch‘s film studio “plans to produce as many as a dozen films a year.” Uhhm, okay, but that’s not correct, according to Fox publicity chief Jeff Godsick and Fox Home Video spokesperson Steve Feldstein.
“Fox is basically acquring [Christian-themed films] for home video,” Godsick said. “The whole deal is through Fox Home Video.” Feldstein confirmed that the 12 initial films mentioned in Munoz’s story “are going to be acquisitions, and a company called The Bigger Picture is going to be the principal player as far as theatrical distribution is concerned”, with FoxFaith serving as the “marketing engine” for these relases. But FoxFaith will distribute these films entirely when it comes to the home video market, he said.
The first theatrical release that FoxFaith will be “helping” to sell with, according to Munoz, be Love’s Abiding Joy,. The film cost $2 million to shot and will hit screens on 10.6.06. It’s about a vast army of homosexual flesh-eating ghouls out to to sodomize and then eat young Christians….kidding! It’s actually based on the fourth installment of Christian novelist Janette Oke’s popular series, “Love Comes Softly”, according to Munoz,