I first saw Luke Wilson‘s “better 3G experience” AT&T ad yesterday. My first thought was “why is he doing this?” Then I figured okay, the last thing he did that really connected was his nice-guy-brother role in The Family Stone, and Luke’s last semi-popular Eloi movie was My Super Ex-Girlfriend and…well, also that Henry Poole Is Here didn’t fly and TV ads pay pretty well. Nothing wrong with a little financial fortification.

Then I thought “gee, maybe Luke should work out a bit more, drop a few pounds.” Then I wondered where the trailer is to Neil Labute‘s upcoming Death at a Funeral (Screen Gems, 4.16), a mostly black remake of the ’09 British comedy that Wilson costars in. Then I remembered that I almost bought the Blu-ray Bottle Rocket a couple of days ago but that I held back because what I really want is a Blu-ray Rushmore.