3:47 pm: The Kids Are All Right‘s Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg have won the Spirit Award for Best Screenplay.

3:34 pm: I’ve been working off the laptop battery since 2:15 pm or thereabouts, and I’ve got about 20 minutes left. Thanks, Toshiba! I just plugged into an outlet and the laptop won’t charge so I’m dead. I’ll have to file from the iPhone. This plus the cold blustery winds buffeting the tent…forget it.

3:31 pm: I had to get some food and then answer nature’s call. As I stepped back into the tent John Hawkes had just won the Best Supporting Actor award for his Winters’ Bone performance. Before that The King’s Speech won the Best Foreign Film award. (British is “foreign”?)

3:04 pm: Banksy‘s Exit From The Gift Shop has won the Spirit Award for Best Documentary.

2:44 pm: James Franco has won the Best Male Lead Spirit Award for his performance in 127 Hours. Franco kept that film humming from start to finish, but I was pulling for a win by Ben Stiller‘s somewhat braver and more layered performance in Greenberg.

2:44 pm: Aaron Schneider‘s Get Low has won the Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

2:30 pm: Dale Dickey has just won the Best Supporting Actress Spirit Award for her performance in Winter’s Bone. Before air-time Tiny Furniture‘s Lena Dunham won for Best First Screenplay, and Black Swan‘s Matty Libatique won for Best Cinematography. (The show won’t air until 10 pm tonight, so this is newsy stuff.)

2:26 pm: I’m in the Spirit Awards press tent, and it’s no one is especially comfortable due to the blustery cold winds. This has been the coldest Spirit Awards ever. People are huddling, shivering, wishing they’d worn a sweater.