“I braced myself as Emilio Estevez‘s Bobby began,” writes Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman. “First of all, it’s filled with well-known faces like Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and Lindsay Lohan — actors who are often more frequently in supermarket tabloids than good movies.
“After these three, plus William H. Macy, Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, Helen Hunt, Martin Sheen, Christian Slater and Estevez himself all make the scene, Laurence Fishburne‘s entrance is nearly comical. You hear yourself saying, ‘Anyone else back there?’
“But I have to tell you, I loved Bobby. Once the shock of all these people settles in — quickly, too — the stories of various characters who were at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on the day Bobby Kennedy was killed in June 1968 become not only completely engrossing, but unexpectedly moving and poignant.”