From the computer of Harry Knowles on the post- Superman Returns negative-review-of-a-script-but-not-a-movie shakedown: “Nobody from the studio contacted me in regards to damage control. When the negative alleged film review came out, I decided to contact the filmmakers to see if it was a real review, and it wasn’t. Many of the scenes this person claimed to be watching were in fact never filmed and cut out of the script months before shooting. I also felt it wasn’t an honest criticism because I had had the discussion with a film professional from a non-WB tied company that is not profiting from this film that had seen it…who was blown away. His giddy excitement in regards to the film was such that I really doubted the veracity of the criticisms that were showing up online. I did this because I wanted to at least attempt to get the truth out there. As you’ve said, Jeff — the ‘anti-Superman‘ crowd is awfully vocal. I’m not really sure why they’re so negative.” And by the way, “I don’t have a ‘great’ relationship with Bryan – I had to go through Warner Publicity to set up the 1 hour interview with him that I did for Penthouse. I do have a line of communication with the writers on the project — that’s how I know what draft got leaked and what scenes were not filmed.”