“A legal career is but a means to an end, and that end is building the Kingdom of God.” — presumed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“Building” the kingdom of God? What, the same way a construction team might build a 12-unit condo in Orlando? The last time I checked “the kingdom of God” began to build itself X number of eons ago and will continue this building for X number of eons hence, regardless of any notions of good or evil or “do unto others” or any of that jazz. The kingdom of God is not a theological projection or a moral proposition but an infinite realm of ever-expanding micro-cellular creation by way of intelligent (or at the very least unified) design.

The staunchly Catholic Barrett, on the other hand, believes that God is some kind of benevolent, all-seeing, magnificently moral being who roots for the good guys (i.e., the Christians) down on planet Earth, but at the same time has an iron-clad rule about not stepping into the situation too aggressively.

Like any good Catholic, Barrett respects this hands-off, absentee landlord, “it’s up to humans to do the heavy lifting” policy, but at the same time believes that God is on her side and will be pulling for her confirmation, if and when she’s nominated, and that once on the court he wants her to implement His Moral Vision for life on our poisoned planet. She will be, in short, His loyal agent — the servant of his bidding.

In short, Amy Coney Barrett is a religious fanatic.

The origin of the above quote, by the way, appears to be an essay titled “The Purpose and Vocation of the Catholic Lawyer,” written by Rich Garnett and posted on mirrorofjusticeblogs on 5.2.12.