According to the Daily Mail‘s Daniel Bates, Michael Cohen‘s “Disloyal” — a tell-all by President Trump‘s ex-personal lawyer, fixer and bagman — contains an allegation that Trump regarded his marriage to Melania as “just another deal.”

Cohen has reportedly written that Trump was never all that bothered about Melania’s reaction to his alleged cheating. “I can always get another wife,” Trump allegedly said. “That’s no problem for me. If she wants to go, so be it.”

It pains me to say this, but for a proven liar and sociopath these quotes sound curiously honest.

Of course his marriage to Melania is “just another deal” — that’s been obvious from the get-go. Has there ever been another couple in the public eye with less of a caring or even half-sincere emotional current between them? She’s in it for the money (shocking!), and Trump wanted a trophy wife for p.r. appearance purposes.