Posted this morning by freeek as part of the “Stop Cillian Murphy” thread: “We have officially entered that phase of the year again…that dreaded time when Jeff feels obliged to drag movies or actors through mud to make his favorites prevail.

“Such predictable behavior often translates into pure BS, and the BS keeps snowballing in his head in uncontrolled fashion for weeks and weeks, until this big pile of fabricated arguments feels like pure neurotic hysteria to the innocent bystander.

“What’s that now? Murphy “exhibits aloof-zombie expression” in Oppenheimer? Jesus. Act dilligently and put yourself together, man. There’s a big difference between speaking one’s mind and spurting a stream of stupidities so heinous that you should turn blue in the face.

“Look, Giamatti got robbed for Sideways — I can relate to that. He may be good in The Holdovers and that movie may be one of the best of the year — no problem with that. But any way you spin it, The Holdovers will remain a small movie. Whereas Murphy carries a generational, pure-event movie alone for three hours. The two performances don’t belong to the same conversation.”

HE to freeek #1: You can say that again!

HE to freeek #2: Re-read my takedown campaign articles from five, ten or twenty years ago. They may have sounded a bit extreme in dweeb circles, but what I was saying was actually spot-on.

Alien Andronicus Oppenheimer succumbs to trademark space-cadet stare.