One of my reactions during the watching of Funny Games last night was a strange political resonance. In a baroque, very specific way, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet — the polite but completely psychopathic fiends who, we come to realize, are focused on delivering a terrible fate to a house built upon love, health and a semblance of sanity — struck me as twin metaphors for the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Consider the following: (1) Just as HRC is now “in the house” and won’t leave, despite many reasonable people imploring her to do so because of the destruction she’s threatening, Pitt and Corbet’s tennis-outfit-wearing killers are also literally in the house and won’t leave; (2) Like Clinton, Pitt and Corbet are smiling, “well-mannered” and very persistent; (3) they have haircuts similar to Clinton’s — medium-length, swept-back blonde hair; (4) Pitt and Corbet are clearly monsters, a term that has recently been used to describe Senator Clinton by former Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power and writer Seth Graham Smith in a 3.9 Huffington Post piece; (5) Pitt and Corbet are without a shred of conscience or remorse about their destructiveness, as one could reasonably say about the Clinton campaign and their racially-tinted, bomb-Dresden, burn-the-house-down campaign at this stage; and (6) Pitt and Corbet’s actions make Funny Games a kind of horror film, which is how political columnist Andrew Sulivan has described the Clinton campaign in a 3.9 London Times article.
See? Not as much of a stretch as you thought. Think about it.