A lot of people saw Gaukur Ulfarsson‘s Gnarr last night at the Tribeca Film Festival; I saw it today in my living room. It’s a mild-mannered, good-enough doc about comedian Jon Gnarr running a half-farcical, half-sincere campaign for mayor of Reykavik. He ran as the candidate of the Best party, which was basically about throwing out the bums who’d played any kind of part in Iceland’s (and the world’s) financial crisis. And the voters did that, more or less, because Gnarr won…great! I wish this country had fewer Tea Party-ers and more Gnarrs.

A better film, I think, would have been a little tougher on Gnarr. It would have drilled a bit more into whatever shortcomings he may have (or had) and showed us more about his opponents. It feels too friendly, but it seems relatively honest as far as it goes.