“It’s only been a couple of weeks since Nikki [Finke] last threatened to sue me, using the full might of Jay Penske‘s attorneys,” David Poland wrote three days ago (6.17). “Unfortunately, what I tweeted about her was factually accurate (as every factual statement that I have ever written about her has been), so her claim was limited to the notion that she is not a public person and therefore I was… well, I don’t even know what legal leg she was pretending to stand on.

“I don’t actually expect as much as a call from the mighty Mail.com attorneys, explaining how she made them call and they know they don’t have a case, and would I please try not to anger her again so they don’t have to take her calls. That’s how Village Voice Media handled her rages against me and others who didn’t care about her threats for years. It’s how most people seem to handle Nikki when they aren’t using her to shill…’just make it go away!!!!’

“So I don’t care much for Nikki or her playground games. And I disagree with Joe [Carnahan] that no one knows her east of Bundy. Old media is also obsessed with a gossip who has so many people willing to go along with her rage. They respect the fact that she got money from someone, and they don’t really pay much attention to how she operates. They just tend to shrug and talk about the results as though there is no cost for indulging her. As is so often the norm in show business, the costs are deferred, to be paid by the next administration(s)…just so long as she’s not shitting on their carpet.”

Does anyone else besides Poland regularly slap Finke around like this?