Variety‘s Tim Gray recently tried to kick up a little Oscar dust for David Ayer‘s Fury, which is expected to earn…oh, maybe $25 million this weekend. Below-the-line nominations, Gray means — Roman Vasyanov’s cinematography, production designer Andrew Menzies, editors Jay Cassidy and Dody Dorn (I could actually see a nomination for these two) and so on. I think we all know that Fury is just a good old-fashioned war flick with amped-up gore and a ridiculous nihilistic ending. It ain’t on the awards hunt, and that should be good enough for the parties concerned. If they gave an Oscar for Best Girly-Faced Wimp or Actor Most Deserving Of an Early Painful Death, Logan Lerman would be a strong contender but otherwise forget it. Incidentally: It’s 6:30 pm New York time so enough people have seen Fury and presumably have an opinion about the ending. Read the piece, think it over and, if so moved, add your name to the HE Honor Roll of Six Critics who found Ayer’s Wild Bunch finale loony.