Bill Desowitz‘s 11.15 USA Today piece on the various Bonds he’s spoken to over the past five years or so didn’t contain some material he got from Daniel Craig about the future of the new Bond (i.e., James Bourne). Here’s his summary of what was left out:

“Craig and the producers definitely want to continue in the spirit of Casino Royale…perhaps as a sequel or even a trilogy, but that hasn’t been formalized. As far as he’s concerned, Bond is not fully formed, so he will still make mistakes. He doesn’t want Bond to have all the answers, because then you’re stuck with the old formula of having to raise the jeopardy with high-tech gadgetry.
“Craig is not adverse to introducing Q and gadgets incrementally, as necessary. But there has to be a purpose. Craig told me that ‘it would be a good idea to pursue the money trail behind the terrorist network and go after the boss. I think if we set it up well, we could have another Blofeld from the early movies. Not mad for the sake of madness, but a psychosis that comes from having that much power.”

“The other intriguing relationship to pursue, Craig feels, is with M: “The opportunity with Judi is that we have a relationship that is genuinely based on love. She’s fully aware of what she’s doing with the price he has to pay emotionally to do his job. But even if he’s alone, she’s always there for him. And she balances his chauvinism. I love it when he breaks into her apartment. They have it out but he respects her entirely.”